Monday, October 11, 2010

PIMBLE / PYMBLE 'Y' Chromosome DNA project

The project has unfortunately stalled in recent times.

We know that the Australian and UK West Midlands PIMBLE / PYMBLE are related, which means that the PIMBLE's in Rhode Island are a part of the same family grouping.

However for the other PIMBLE's in Washington and New York and in the UK including South Wales we are uncertain..

I have two test packs that are available FREE to eligible PIMBLE's if anyone is prepared to participate in the project, the kit normally costs $169. The hope is to try and relate the different branches of the names PIMBLE & PYMBLE. Any questions feel free to contact me.

We think have go as far as we can with paper records and it is only through the 'Y' Chromosome test that we can proceed further.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Birth Certificates - PIMBLE / PYMBLE

Over the last number of years I have obtained birth certificates to enable me to make family connections. These have been key to allowing me to create detailed family trees.

Obviously as Certificates are expensive I have had to be selective about which one I obtained. In all I have todate obtained 72 and these are now available to view on the website.

This is in addition to copies of the 105 original or transcribed Marriage Certificates that are viewable.

See the 'Pimble / Pymble website' link on the right