Friday, March 25, 2011

South Wales, United Kingdom and New South Wales, Australia

I was just thinking; wouldn't it be nice if the South Wales PIMBLE's and the New South Wales PYMBLE's were related?

I had thought they were, even though I had no documentary evidence to support my belief.

DNA evidence from the Norfolk branch of the PIMBLE's, who are related directly to the South Wales PIMBLE's, seems to suggest the SW & NSW PIMBLE / PYMBLE are two different families. It would be great though to confirm this conclusion and the only way to do that is via a 'Y'chromosome test..

The two South Wales brothers who are known to have emigrated to the US after WWI did not leave any known descendants.

There are three extant branches of PIMBLE's in the US, one related to the NSW PYMBLE's and one branch where we are not sure if they match with any of the UK originating groups - it would be nice to know.