Monday, October 11, 2010

PIMBLE / PYMBLE 'Y' Chromosome DNA project

The project has unfortunately stalled in recent times.

We know that the Australian and UK West Midlands PIMBLE / PYMBLE are related, which means that the PIMBLE's in Rhode Island are a part of the same family grouping.

However for the other PIMBLE's in Washington and New York and in the UK including South Wales we are uncertain..

I have two test packs that are available FREE to eligible PIMBLE's if anyone is prepared to participate in the project, the kit normally costs $169. The hope is to try and relate the different branches of the names PIMBLE & PYMBLE. Any questions feel free to contact me.

We think have go as far as we can with paper records and it is only through the 'Y' Chromosome test that we can proceed further.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Birth Certificates - PIMBLE / PYMBLE

Over the last number of years I have obtained birth certificates to enable me to make family connections. These have been key to allowing me to create detailed family trees.

Obviously as Certificates are expensive I have had to be selective about which one I obtained. In all I have todate obtained 72 and these are now available to view on the website.

This is in addition to copies of the 105 original or transcribed Marriage Certificates that are viewable.

See the 'Pimble / Pymble website' link on the right

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Most popular PIMBLE / PYMBLE names

In descending order:

William, John, Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, George, James, Charles, Richard, Robert, Alice, Eliza, Susan, David, Albert, Alfred, Hannah, Jane, Margaret, Frances, Henry, Samuel, Edward, Philip, Joseph, Raymond, Reginald & Stephen

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Maisemore church and a few PIMBLE headstones

I visited Maisemore church (Gloucestershire) yesterday having been working on the Maisemore PIMBLEs, to get some updated photos.

I met a very kind lady who explained the local history society headstone project, she showed me the project results and helped me find the PIMBLE headstones. Very Many thanks.

In addition she gave me sight of some transcriptions of Parish Registers that her aunt had compiled. An extremely kind gesture and one which resulted in me being able to break down one of my 'brickwalls'

The headstone photos together with details of the people involved are now up on the Pimble website. Visit the PIMBLE / PYMBLE website Pimble/Pymble website

Sunday, July 18, 2010

William Pimble born 1832 Cheltenham, England, died Rhode Island, US 1909

MANY THANKS are due to Katie in the US, for very kindly providing a photograph of a key Tombstone from a Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island that has confirmed a linking of names.

This new information, together with the new Rhode Island records available on Ancestry has enabled us to create a link between the Rhode Island PIMBLE family and the descendants of George PIMBLE. George who died in Aston, Birmingham in 1849.

This is a significant breakthrough and means we now have links of Rhode Island to the UK Midlands but also through 'Y' DNA we can link the UK Midlands PIMBLEs and to the Australian PYMBLEs. By implication therefore the Rhode Island and Australian groups are related.

There is still much research work to be done to explain some inconsistencies and obtain currently missing information but it is a great step forward. Thanks Katie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

William Pimble born 1827 dies in Bengal in 1852

William was serving as a Private with the 61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot and is reported to have died in Kussowlie.

A website says:

The 61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, created in 1758 and amalgamated into The Gloucestershire Regiment in 1881.

The 61 was despatched to India in 1845, and did not return home until 1860. Duting this period it took part in the Sikh War, fought at Sadoolapore, Chillianwallah, and Goojerat, was engaged in the frontier war near Peshawur in 1851, and finally at the siege of Delhi during the Mutiny.

I need to do more research but this may explain why a William born in Cheltenham did not appear on census records after 1841. The Glosters Museum is due a visit I think.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

During February 1919 in Gloucester Alfred PIMBLE, his daughter and granddaughter died

I visited Gloucester Archive last Tuesday to take photos of some key PIMBLE documents and these including some of the Wills available.

Two of the Wills were for father and daughter Alfred and Emily PIMBLE, both of 70 Melbourne Road, Gloucester.

Alfred PIMBLE died on 8th February aged 76. he left his estate which included three houses in Melbourne Road, to his sole surviving daughter Emily. However sadly Emily died on the 27 February at the age of 53 and before Probate of Alfred's Will had been granted. Emily made her Will on the 24 February just 3 days before her own demise. Emily left her estate to her niece Gwendoline STRONG, Gwendoline's sister Phylis having died on the 18th February!

Separate causes of death? or a common cause? - I'll try newspaper cuttings first, other than that, can I justify the nearly £30 in certificates to find out!

The wills are to be found on, though you will need to sign up for free access to get sight of the documents.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mrs Emma PYMBLE widow of Thomas Philip PYMBLE - Tragic village fire

Extract from Ross Gazette report of 7 January 1937

Tragic Village Fire - Nonagenarian sisters burnt to death - Gallant attempts at rescue - Graphic story told at inquest.

A destructive fire, resulting in the death of two aged sisters, occurred at a cottage known as Underhill, Hoarwithy, on Friday night. The occupants of the cottage, Mrs Emma PYMBLE, a widow, and Miss WHEELER, her sister whose respective ages were 91 and 93 were burnt to death, before help could be given them. The cottage and practically all the household furniture were destroyed.

for full newspaper report visit

Bankruptcy of Hentland Farmer - Ross Gazette 20 December 1893

Thomas Philip PYMBLE, Farmer, Llanfrother, Hentland, appeared on Friday at the Hereford County Court for his public examination in bankruptcy by Mr M J G Scobie, the official receiver. The debtor's gross liabilities amounted to £11605 3s 5d, but the securities were estimated at £11000, leaving £605 3s 5d due to unsecured creditors. There were no assets whatever.The bankrupt said he had been carrying on business since 1888, when his father died, and he then had assets amounting to £1230. At the same time, however, he assumed his father's liabilities amounting to £1172 17s 4d. The whole of the latter sum with the exception of an overdraft at the banker's of £764 16s 10d, he had paid in full. In addition to the other assets named, he had suceeeded his father in the possession of the real property, which, however, was mortgaged to the extent of £11000. On July 30th one of the mortgagees for £10000 seized possession of the whole of the stock and effects, and executed a sale. The bankrupt attributed his failure to depreciation in land and farming stock and to paying £400 a year as interest on money on £10000 mortgage, being £150 in excess of the present value of the property.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Was Robert PYMBLE born in Llanfrother?

Llanfrother Farm is a Grade II listed building near the village of Hentland in Herefordshire. It is a 17th century building with more recent additions.

It is sometimes claimed that Robert PYMBLE, who emigrated to Australia in 1821, was born there.

This seems unlikely, though Robert was baptised in Hentland in 1776. The PYMBLE family earliest documented connection with Llanfrother that I have found so far is in the 1850's from the Electoral Roll.

Robert's parents were Philip PYMBLE born 1739 and Mary WATKINS born c.1745. His parentage is known from his Death Certificate. Robert died in 1861 in Australia and the details of parentage were provided by James PYMBLE, son of Robert.

For many years we have been unable to find a marriage between Philip PYMBLE and Mary WATKINS. However we now know they were married in 1771 in Gloucester.

Land Tax Assessment helps us understand who occupied prpoerties and is a Tax created in 1692 during the reign of William and Mary to raise revenues and continued in place until 1963.

Assessments for the Parish of Hentland show that the MYND family were owners of Llanfrother between 1777 and 1791, as no seperate statement of occupancy is made at this time it is not possible to be sure whether the MYND family or tenants occupied the farm at that stage. The MYND family continue to be owners until 1827, however we know that John JAMES was the occupier between 1793 and 1809. Between 1811 and 1827 the occupier changes to Samuel EDWARDS.

Whether by Sale or Inheritance ownership of Llanfrother changes to Richard EVANS for the period 1829 - 1831 after which Land Tax assessments are not available in the Hereford Archives.

We know from the Census that Thomas GUY and family occupied Llanfrother in 1841.

In 1860 Thomas PYMBLE purchased the Farm for £15,000 and the Bristol Mercury recorded at the time that Thomas had occupied the Farm for many years. The 1858 Cassey Directory for Herefordshire certainly shows Thomas Pymble as Farmer in residence at Llanfrother.

This same Thomas was the son of Philip, Robert's elder brother (Robert's nephew therefore). Thomas was also the younger brother of Susannah, who married Captain John H LISTER, and who died in Australia in 1889.

Thomas died in 1888 and subsequently his son Thomas Philip occupied the farm but was declared bankrupt in 1893. More of this later.

If you can help refine this then I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marriage of Philip PYMBLE to Mary WATKINS, parents of Robert PYMBLE

They say that everything comes to those that wait!

For years I have been trying (not hard enough obviously) to find out where Philip and Mary were married.

Philip and Mary were the parents of Robert PYMBLE born 1776 who emigrated to Australia in 1821. All of their children were born in Hentland, Herefordshire.

At last and thanks to the wonderful transcribing efforts of the Forest of Dean Family History people, we now know they were married in Gloucester at the Church of St Michael on the 26 September 1771.

One brick-wall demolished, many others to tackle ..........

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who was Hannah SHERIFF?

In 1831, in Gibraltar, Thomas PIMBLE was sentenced to be transported to Australia for threatening to shoot his Sergeant.

Prisoners Rank & Name: Private Thos. Pimble
Regiment: 23rd
Court Martial held: 5 May 1831
Proceeding laid before King: 28 June 1831
Substance of Charges: Attempting to shoot his Sergeant
Sentence approved by His Majesty: Transport for 14 years to N S Wales

(23rd = 23rd Regiment of Foot which later became Royal Welch Fusiliers)

but what has this to do with Hannah SHERIFF?

From the Annotated Printed Convict Indents 1831-1835 (AO Real 907), List of Male Convicts by the Ship Asia (9), Thomas Stead, Master.
Standing No of Convict: 32-399
Indent No: 200
Name: Thomas Pimble
Age: 25
Education (R Reads, W Writes): None
Religion: Protestant
Single, Married or Widowed: Single
Children (Male, Female): (blank)
Native Place: Hereford
Trade or Calling: Ploughs, sows, soldier
Offence: Threatening to shoot
Where tried: Gibraltar Court Martial
When tried: 5th May, 1831
Sentence: 14 Years
Former Conviction: None
Height: 5ft 6ins
Colour of Hair: Brown
Colour of Eyes: Brown
Particular Marks or Scars: Mermaid on right arm, Hannah Sheriff on left.

He may have been a runaway in 1836.

He was given a ticket of leave in 1843 but what happened to him? and who was Hannah SHERIFF?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

UK Marriage Certificates 1837 to 1917

I have loaded and linked the majority of available Marriage Certificates for UK PIMBLE / PYMBLE marriages in the period 1837 to 1917.

These either comprise copies of original certificates I have bought or alternatively Faux certificates created from transcriptions of the certificates I have viewed at the appropriate County Archives office.

Visit the PIMBLE / PYMBLE website Pimble/Pymble website

Certificates currently cost £7 a time, rising to £9 shortly, if you have copies that you are prepared to donate then I would be very pleased to receive them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pimble / Pymble births in the UK - video

I thought I would attempt to display births over time in a short video clip to illustrate where the name originally appeared and where people have moved.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

US Census records - work in progress

The Archive facility on the Guild of One-Name Studies website has been recently enhanced and this means that it will be possible to add Baptisms, Marriages and Burials) from before Civil Registration in 1837 to the site. Even better it is also now possible to add non-UK information.

My initial focus is to add PIMBLE US Census information and then move on to England & Wales pre-1837 Marriages. Baptisms and Burials after that. Sample of these are available on the Archive now @
searchable Archive

Later I plan to add copies of Marriage certificates to the main Pimble website at
main PIMBLE website

Later still, and if I can find people to donate a copy, old photos of past PIMBLE generations.

Lots to do ............

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Most recent DNA result

We have recently received back the DNA results for the first direct descendant of John PYMBLE born c.1782 to take a Y Chromosome test.

This tells us that though Robert PYMBLE born c.1776 (emigrated to Australia in 1821) and George PIMBLE born c.1798(died in Aston, Birmingham in 1849) share a common ancestor, John PYMBLE born c.1782 does not appear to be related to them.

It would be great to find out if John, George or Robert are related to any of the other UK or US based PIMBLEs.

I have two free kits, if there any PIMBLE / PYMBLE descendants who would like to participate in this voyage of discovery to find out where their ancestors fitted in.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Pimble / Pymble Deaths in England & Wales 1837 to 1983

I have just updated my archive on the Guild of One-Name Studies website to include Deaths from 1837 (when Civil Registration started) to 1983. This is for England and Wales only, I don't believe there are any deaths in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

This is in addition to Births and Marriages for the same period and Census records from 1841 through to and including 1911.

If you are looking for BMD's or census records then the Archive is searchable at

searchable Archive