Sunday, July 30, 2006

DNA project - update 30 July 2006

One more set of test results received for Arthur and these do not show a match with any of the other three PIMBLE / PYMBLEs tested so far. That gives us two that match and two others with no match.

We are really anxious to get more sign-ups to the project. If you are willing to volunteer please contact me. We would be delighted to hear from you.

New PYMBLE addition

The latest addition to the PIMBLE / PYMBLE clan (unless you know differently) born Feb 2006 in Australia, is Harrison. My Congratulations go to his parents.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Edwin & Ann PYMBLE married 1877 died 1895 and 1894

Edwin died aged 46 and wife Ann died aged just 35, leaving 7 children the youngest aged 2. The family were inevitably and tragically split up.

The three boys all served in the British Army during WW1 and unfortunately were all seriously injuried with one dying of his wounds in 1918.

Of the 4 girls, I knew something of two of them but of two others I had nothing as I'd been been unable to find any marriage or death records.

Within the last week I have been contacted by Brenda in South Africa. I know now that the two 'lost' girls emigrated to South Africa in the early 1900s. This explains why I was unable to find more detail in the UK.

Thanks to Brenda's co-operation I now have a clearer understanding of the family and their descendants who now live in South Africa, in US and one back working in the UK. THANK YOU BRENDA.

Hopefully the descendants have also gained from this interchange as I have been able to provide them details of their ancestors.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sarah Pimble sentenced at Old Bailey, London in 1725

27 Aug 1725: Sarah Pimble was indicted for stealing a Piece of Cambrick value 20s. a scarf val. 10s &c. the goods of George Yarrow, July 27. Guilty 4s 10d - Transportation.

Sarah was transported to Maryland, US on 23 September 1725 and her arrival was confirmed.

If anyone in the US has any idea about what might have happened to Sarah, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Punishment summary from The Old Bailey Proceedings, 27th August, 1725.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: s17250827-1


The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows, viz.

Received Sentence of Death, Seven. Elizabeth Russel , alias Brown, Jane Wilkinson , William Grey , James Cliff , John Price , Thomas Woldridge , and John Little .

To be Whipt, Two.

Elizabeth Dudley , and Stephen Dowdell .

Burnt in the Hand Five.

Philip De le Gall , Henry Norris , and three former Convicts.

To be Transported, Forty Eight.

including Sarah Pimble

William Field , fined Twenty Marks, and to suffer Twelve Months Imprisonment.

Robert Lander , fined Ten Marks.