Sunday, September 27, 2009

MOST WANTED - George Pimble

George was born around 1796 - 1800. This from the 1841 UK Census where he declared his age as 40. On the 1841 Census ages for adults were rounded down to the nearest 5 years. This means he could be anywhere between 40 and 44 and 11 months.

At the time of the 1841 Census George was living in Staffordshire and he appears to have declared that he, his wife Ann (nee Brown) and all of his children to that point, were also born in Staffordshire. We know from later census entries and birth records that wasn't the case.

Unfortunately George died in 1849 and it wasn't until 1851 Census that birthplace was declared so we have clarification from him about his birthplace.

George married Ann Brown in 1829 Swindon Village, Cheltenham.

For many years we have been trying to find where George was born, in order to connect him with his parents and other branches of the PIMBLE family tree.

We do know from DNA testing that George shares a distant common ancestor with Robert PYMBLE who emigrated to Australia in 1821. Robert was born in Hentland in Herefordshire.

If anyone has an alternative ideas about George's birthplace or an old photo of George I would be delighted to hear from you.


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