Friday, June 11, 2010

Mrs Emma PYMBLE widow of Thomas Philip PYMBLE - Tragic village fire

Extract from Ross Gazette report of 7 January 1937

Tragic Village Fire - Nonagenarian sisters burnt to death - Gallant attempts at rescue - Graphic story told at inquest.

A destructive fire, resulting in the death of two aged sisters, occurred at a cottage known as Underhill, Hoarwithy, on Friday night. The occupants of the cottage, Mrs Emma PYMBLE, a widow, and Miss WHEELER, her sister whose respective ages were 91 and 93 were burnt to death, before help could be given them. The cottage and practically all the household furniture were destroyed.

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Lance Pymble said...

The house involved in this tragedy still stands in Underwood. I visited it last time I was in Hentland and the occupier at that time was aware of the fire and the fatalities. He said that some beams in the house still showed the fire damage. The poor old dears were buried in a single, small coffin. Don't read at night by candle light in bed.