Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roger Pimble - Charity School


Roger Pimble, Gent. in the year 1645, gave the Lion Inn (on the site of which are now two leasehold houses, lately let at 141. 10s. per annum), for the maintenance of a free school. About the same time the parish, with a sum of money raised by voluntary contribution, purchased a house called the Catherine-wheel, which was converted into a school-house.

In 1698 Mrs. Catherine Dickins gave 501. to be laid out to the best advantage for the maintenance of a school. With this money, and another legacy of 401. left by Mrs. Mary Carnaby to the poor, was purchased the Goat alehouse, now let at 201.. per annum, the whole of which is, by a resolution of vestry, appropriated to the school. The present school-house was erected about the year 1707, by subscription, at the expence of 3181. (fn. 298) Dr. Millington, anno 1724, bequeathed to the school a third part of the rent of 24 computed acres of land at Acton, now producing about 121. per annum. The house adjoining to the school was purchased by the trustees; and is let at 20 l. per annum. They have the lease also of another house let at 141., but their interest in it expires within three years. About the time that the present school-house was built (viz. in 1708), Queen Anne granted an annuity of 50 l. to this charity, and Prince George of Denmark one of 301. When King George I. came to the throne, he confirmed both grants. This donation of 801. per annum has been continued ever since from the crown. The school fund has been augmented during the present century, by benefactions in money, to the amount of 23001. South Sea Stock (fn. 299) . With these endowments, aided by collections at four annual charity sermons preached at Kensington-church and Brompton-chapel, 22 boys and 11 girls are taught, clothed, and maintained in the school-house. Every boy when he leaves the school receives an apprentice-fee of 51. out of Lady Campden's benefaction. The girls go out to service, and if they continue 12 months in their place, are rewarded with a premium of 20s. (fn. 299)

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