Tuesday, November 24, 2009

State Papers - Charles I - Roger PIMBLE

VIII. 28. Letter signed "Jo Lincoln, elect Custos Sigilli" (fn. 45) to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, soliciting the Freedom for Roger Pimble.

May 10, 1625
Chiswick.43. Francis Lord Russell to Sec. Conway. Pimble, a post-master at Charing Cross, has refused to convey a packet containing a letter from his Majesty, with the writer's directions to the Dep. Lieuts. of Devon to act thereon, by pressing 400 men, and to have them ready on the 25th inst.

Dec. 5, 1627
Charing Cross.19. Roger Pimble, post at Charing Cross, [to the same ?]. Explains the occasion of the delay in delivery of packets for the Lord Chamberlain and Lord Holland, received by the writer on the 1st inst.

July 27, 1637
Westminster. 66. Warrant to pay to Secs. Coke and Windebank, Masters and Comptrollers-General of the Posts, 500l., to be paid to Anthony Buckbury for arrears, to be paid to his deputy for execution of the postmaster's place of the Court, until 24th June last, and also the amounts due to the several postmasters following, up to the 27th September next, on the allowances after mentioned; viz., to Thomas Swinsed, of Ware, 3s. per diem; Thomas Hagger, of Royston, 4s. 4d.; Ralph Shert, of Babraham, 2s.; John Cotterill, of Newmarket, 4s. 4d.; John Riggshis and William Kilborne, late of Huntingdon, 2s.; James Cropper, of Witham, 2s.; Richard Leeming, of Grantham, 2s.; Thomas Atkinson, of Newark, 2s. 4d.; Edward Wright, of Scrooby, 2s.; Edmund Hayford, of Doncaster, 2s.; Edmund Bawne, of Ferrybridge, 2s. 6d.; Thomas Tayler, of Tadcaster, 1s. 8d.; John Howsman, of York, 2s.; William Thompson, of Wetherbury [Wetherby ?], 2s.; Andrew Wilkinson, of Boroughbridge, 3s.; John Scarlet, of North Allerton, 2s. 4d.; John Glover, of Darlington, 2s. 4d.; William Sherrington, of Durham; 2s. 4d.; George Swan, of Newcastle, 3s.; John Pye, of Morpeth, 3s.; Alexander Armorer, of Alnwick, 3s.; Thomas Armorer, of Belford, 3s.; Thomas Carre, of Berwick, 2s. 4d.; James Ware, of Dartford, 2s. 6d.; Thomas Lord, of Gravesend, 6d.; Richard Jennings, of Sittingbourne, 2s.; Thomas Parks, of London, 2s.; Roger Pimble, of Charing Cross, 2s.; John Briscoe, of Barnet, 2s.; Robert Story, of St. Albans, 2s.; John Gerrard, of Brickhill, 2s.; Andrew Clarke, of Daventry, 2s.; John Fletcher, of Coventry, 2s. 8d.; Ralph Castlon, of Birmingham, 2s.; Robert Francis, of Chester, 2s. 4d.; James Wilkinson, of Staines, 2s.; Gilbert Davies, of Hartford Bridge, 1s. 8d.; Anthony Spittle, of Basingstoke, 1s. 8d.; Richard Miles, late of Salisbury, 1s. 8d.; Roger Bedbury, now of Salisbury, 1s. 8d.; Nicholas Compton, of Shaftesbury, 1s. 8d.; John Smith, of Sherborne, 1s. 8d.; Robert Searle, of Honiton, 1s. 8d.; Thomas Newman, of Exeter. 2s.; Samuel Smith, of Brentwood, 2s. 6d.; William Neale, of Chelmsford, 2s. 6d.; Robert Bunny, of Witham, 2s.; Henry Barron, of Looe, 2s. 6d.; Joshua Blaxton, of Perryn, 2s.; Gilbert Davies, of Hartford Bridge, 2s. 6d.; William Brooks, of Portsmouth, 2s. 6d.; Rowland Roberts, late of Langfenny, and Richard Roberts, in present service there, 2s.; and William Folkingham, of Stamford, 2s. [Parchment. 29 lines.]

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